the pumpkin peoples song

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pumpkin Fashion and design

I have started a group on its called Pumpkin Fashion and Design. Anyone can upload an image on it as long as its their own work and is some sort of costume or product design inspired by anything in nature. It's not serious, and is intended to be fun and experimental. Designs can be simple and quickly done, perhaps on an iphone, ipad, blacberry or similar device or be very finished. Images do not have to include pumpkins(although mine probably will) and can be done by any age group. please have a look at the link (click on title above) and upload a quick scribble on to flickr or add it as a comment hear.

Friday, 21 January 2011

the Butternut Ponka's

I was just about to post an update on my Pumpkin Planet blog when I received this image attached to the following email:-

Hi Greg,
we are people of Butternut Ponka family calling all the way from Pumpkin Planet. Yes, we are sorry but you did not invent us, the Pumpkin People are exsisting already! and have been watching earth for many seeds(years).
We hope you like the picture. It shows me, Big Erik with Little Grappa on my shoulder and Madelaine at my side, they are my brother and sister. Madelaine is very much the earth watcher, she has herself a telescope and the wonderful Miss Mistony is teaching her good english. Little Grappa also likes earth but he does not speak greatly, being only 4 seeds old, except when he heard you have an earth pumpkin called Jack be little, then he went a bit crazy with excitement. Now he has pestering me to ask if he and Madelaine can contact you to ask about Jack be little, and send you some more pictures. I said you are probably busy doing your own pictures, but if you have a time I know they would be pleased to hear from you.
Best Wishes
Madelaine, Little Grappa, Butternut Pupkin and Big Erik

ps. we do not yet have MSN or Facebook on Pumpkin Planet

I am trying to think how I should respond and whether or not this is a clever hoax.